Providing maximum transparency for AccuGroup’s customers, who are the top automotive OEMs in the world

>80% of Transactional Data is Wasted.

Today, we are wasting almost all informal transactional data.

Taraxa Democratizes Reputation by Tracking Informal Transactions.

How Chainlink’s Decentralized Timestamp Oracles Benefit Taraxa’s Use Cases.

Q1: What has the team been up to following the sale?

For the most recent information, please check our Public Sale Site.

Why conduct a public sale?


  • Latest info:
  • Token ticker: TARA
  • Pre-registration starts: March 4…

As the world gears up for the new year, we’d like to take a moment to look back on our accomplishments and into the future.

Stable Taraxa Test Network Deployed.


Importance of Finality


The Elegance of PoW

Steven Pu

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